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Society of Three Speeds Membership

Society of Three Speeds Membership

Calling all lovers of three speed bicycles! Join the club that's been promoting these bikes since 2013.

What does membership to Society of Three Speeds (SoTS) entail? Besides showing support for three speed bicycles, here’s what you get:

-A membership card with your member number.
-One patch, expertly sewn by Falls Creek Outfitters.
-Three weather-resistant vinyl stickers, one of which will be REFLECTIVE! Stick on your rear fender/mudguard for extra visibility!
-One 1 1/4 inch enamel pin, expertly made by Falls Creek Outfitters.
-A subscription to the Society of Three Speeds email list, where you will be notified of upcoming SoTS events and other items of interest.
-Plus more!

Do you want to become a member? All you need is to pay the nominal membership fee and abide by the Three Rules of the Society of Three Speeds:

1) I will endeavor to promote three speeds as a viable means of transportation.
2) I will not denigrate three speed bicycles and will not allow others to disparage these humble bicycles.
3) I will ride my three speed bicycle with pride and immense enjoyment. If I have not yet procured a three speed bicycle, I will do my best to obtain one posthaste.

Want to gift a membership? Say so in the "notes". Please indicate the full name, mailing address, and email of the giftee. Please let me know if you want the gift membership to be anonymous or not.