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Shawn Granton is an artist who loves comics, zines, bicycles, and film photography.

Born and bred in the diminutive State of Connecticut, urbanadventureleague (aka Shawn Granton) has called Portland, Oregon, Cascadia, for over two decades.

Shawn has been self-publishing comics since 1997, first with his TEN FOOT RULE series (up to about 2010) and now NEW OLD STOCK, his bike comic series that debuted in 2012. Shawn's been involved with the bicycle community in Portland and rides almost everywhere he can (including bike tours) but he also loves riding trains.

Shawn rediscovered film photography in 2020. His first photo zine, HALF-FRAME JOURNAL #1, debuted in 2021.

Shawn lives in a modest house with his sweetie Emee somewhere around the North Tabor neighborhood of NE Portland.

Contact Shawn:
[email protected]
P. O. Box 14185
Portland OR 97293

“(Shawn Granton) rides blissfully slow, is clothed as if Grant Petersen went on a shopping spree at Goodwill, and documents his bicycle travel as a subterranean un-superhero. He rides to comic conventions and cross-country and does nothing spectacular except visit friends and drink coffee and pedal. Yet, he is the perfect antidote to almost everything in the cycling world, and even considers himself a caricature of it all. His real superpowers are pencil and paper, and his cause are people on bicycles.

“(His comics) are a must-read for anyone who: enjoys Jan Heine’s Bicycle Quarterly or the evangelism of Grant Peterson, but rides a bike made in Taiwan or made of Hi-Tensile steel; appreciates the humor of Bike Snob NYC, but stopped reading a long time ago; or considers the bicycle a way of life and wishes for a more bikeable future.”

-Nicholas Carman of Gypsy By Trade