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Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Bikes and Film Cameras Club

Are you a cyclist who also has heard the siren cry of film photography? Do you like bringing a camera along with you to document your ride? And do you like silly little organizations where you really don't have to do anything?

Well, I have a club for you! Introducing the BIKES AND FILM CAMERAS CLUB!

With your membership, you'll get:
-A membership card with your member number
-Two weather resistant stickers, about 3" tall
-One pocket-sized memo book made by Scout Books. This 32 page book has dot-lined pages where you can write notes about your photography
-A subscription to our email newsletter

The Bikes And Film Cameras Club will host film-based photo challenges throughout the year. We'll also be hosting rides about once a season in the Portland, Oregon area.

The Bikes And Film Cameras Club is open to all types of cyclists who use all types of film cameras anywhere in the world!

CAMERA/LIGHT METER NOT INCLUDED. I WILL have a few Bikes and Film Camera Membership Kits WITH cameras from time to time (for a higher price than this), check separate listings for that.