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Half-Frame Journal photo-zine, No. 1

Half-Frame Journal photo-zine, No. 1

Introducing my first-ever photo zine! I've been publishing zines and mini-comix for almost a quarter-century but this is the first one concentrating on photographed images. Me being me, you'll also get about a dozen pages of journal comics and a few pages of words tucked in as well.

In July of 2021, I embarked on a bicycle tour down the Willamette Valley, my first tour in two years. I loaded up my custom Bantam bicycle along with a 35mm film camera and a sketchbook and aimed for the open roads of bucolic farmland. Four days and 150 miles later I finished the tour and decided to document it in zine format.

HALF-FRAME JOURNAL is intended to be a semi-regular series of zines featuring photographs from my half-frame camera, an Olympus Pen EES-2, along with drawings and comix from my pocket-sized (A6) sketchbook.

56 pages, A6 size (4.1"x5.8"), color cover with black and white interior