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New Old Stock comic, No. S-5

New Old Stock comic, No. S-5

The 2019 edition of my NEW OLD STOCK series of comics! One-to-three page comics about bicycles, bike touring, being a retro-grouch, and Portland/Cascadia life.

32 pages, pocketable 4 1/4" by 5 1/2" size.

“(Shawn Granton) rides blissfully slow, is clothed as if Grant Petersen went on a shopping spree at Goodwill, and documents his bicycle travel as a subterranean un-superhero. He rides to comic conventions and cross-country and does nothing spectacular except visit friends and drink coffee and pedal. Yet, he is the perfect antidote to almost everything in the cycling world, and even considers himself a caricature of it all. His real superpowers are pencil and paper, and his cause are people on bicycles.

“(His comics) are a must-read for anyone who: enjoys Jan Heine’s Bicycle Quarterly or the evangelism of Grant Peterson, but rides a bike made in Taiwan or made of Hi-Tensile steel; appreciates the humor of Bike Snob NYC, but stopped reading a long time ago; or considers the bicycle a way of life and wishes for a more bikeable future.”

-Nicholas Carman